The new Aqua Matic is the only watermaker to feature a color LCD touch screen that allows system functions to display across any NMEA 2000 network.

Also included standard is an automatic pressure regulationg system that adjusts to any feed water condition, and an oil-free, water lubricated (radial axial) pump, with an 8,000 hour typical maintenance cycle.

With one touch of the screen, users can walk away, as the system completes water production without the need of an operator. With the new Aqua Matic you can avoid the engine room and run the system from any location on your yacht.

Key features:

- NMEA 2000
- Color LCD touchscreen
- One touch operation
- Radial axial pump
- Smaller footprint
- 8,000 hour typical maintenance schedule

The Aqua Matic Compact utilizes a more space efficient, un-body construction with booster pump and sea strainer for easier installation.