Oil/Water separator

The newly redesigner assembly removes oil from the feed water. Perfect for marinas or harbors.

Commercial Pre-filter

This new, more compact pre-filter saves maintenance time and costs.

Media Filter

Removes sand and other various media from the feed water. This extends the life of the

UV Sterilizer

Eliminates 99.8% of bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms from the feed water.

Mesh Sea Strainers

Traps sand with mesh screen, extending pre-filter life.

Soft Start Motor

Reduces the start up of a watermaker by 55%. It is only available for single phase, 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz systems.

Clean Rinse Panel

Separate mounted valves allow for easy R.O. membrane maintenance and complete system rinsing.

Remote Control

Be able to control and monitor the watermaker from anywhere on the yacht.

Meter DS Pocket

Measures the amount of total dissolved solids found in water.

Planned Maintenance Kits

Includes all necessary pre-filter elements, screens, cleaning compound kits, pump crankcase oil, replacement seals for the pre-filter, and storage compund kit.

Fresh Water Flush

Prevents fouling of the membranes and pre-filters by automatically rinsing the system with ffresh water every seven days.

Water Guard 2 GRPM

Assembly filters and sterilizes dock and purchased water.

Plankton Filter

Filters most microorganisms from the feed water, prolonging pre-filter life.

Charcoal Filter

Removes any unwanted flavors or smells from the product water, leaving a great, clean tast.