Seafari Mini

The Seafari Mini gives the luxury of high quality in a smaller capacity water maker designer for the smaller pleasure craft. The Seafari Mini Series feature semi-automatic operation with a touch pad control panel that allows simple touch operation at the system as well as from a remote location. The touch pad provides sixteen illuminates LED status indication lamps of the system operation and product water quality. Fault LED indication is provided for easy diagnosis of required maintenance.

The Seafari Mini high pressure plunger pump is designer for 2,000 hours of operation between required seal maintenance and 500 hours between chankcase oil changes. This seawater reverse osmosis high pressure pump is manufactured from 316 stainless steel. It is very quiet and smooth running.

The reliable Seafari Mini water maker is competitively priced and easy to operate and maintain. This water maker is ideal for small size pleasure craft under 45 feet in lenght. It is the only option for those who demand quality, a proven track record, low maintenance, and semi-automation in a low-volume water maker.

The Seafari Mini is configured in a horizontal one-piece frame for ease of installation into tight spaces with external Booster Pump and Sea Strainer. All components within the frame are readily accessible for ease of maintenance.