Ultra Whisper

The Ultra Whisper is the logical choice for those who require a low power consumption water maker and is ideal for small sail and power boats that either have only DC power available or small AC generators less than 4 Kw. The Ultra Whisper, with one-touch fully automated operation, does not require operator attention or pressure adjustment.

This Energy Efficient water maker self adjusts to any feed water condition. The user-friendly touch pad provides fifteen illuminated LED status indication lamps of the system operation and product water quality. Fault LED indication is provided for easy diagnosis of required maintenance. Operation of the system can also be performed from a remote location.

The Ultra Whisper patented Energy Recovery Device pump is smooth running, extraordinarily quiet, and water lubricated, so no oil changes are required. This state-of-the-art pum is manufactured from highly corrosion and erosion resistant "Nitronic 50" material that provides greater protection than 316 Stainless Steel.

The Ultra Whisper is available in models producing from 200 to 600 gallons per day (757 to 2,271 liters per day) or 8 to 25 gallons per hour (32 to 95 liters per hour).

The Ultra Whisper Compact is a horizontal on-piece frame configuration for ease of installation into tight spaces external feed water pump and sea strainer